Introducing our 2012 unChain Council Candidates

So election time begins! I congratulate everybody who is prepared to run in the elections in late October and then to serve for four years if elected. As a past Councillor I know that it is a often a thankless task. But individual Councillors have significant influence on the future of our city and, when working as a team, they have even more. At the end of each Councillor’s term of office he or she should be able to be proud that they have made a difference.

unChain Inc is supporting a candidate in each of the seven wards in the 2012 elections for the Port Phillip Council. All the unChain candidates are Independent. None are members of a political party.

Why does unChain support Independent candidates for Council? Our ideal is a Council with a significant number of excellent community-based councillors who work together with a shared vision.

There are also many issues that require co-operation between the Council and the State government. There are state elections in just two years time. A Council with a significant number of good Independent Councillors will be more effective in working with either a Liberal or a Labor State government.

unChain is all about community! It is difficult for good Independent candidates to run effective campaigns in elections for the expanded local Councils of the post-Kennett era. In contrast, members of the established political parties have their party’s resources and experience to help in their campaigns for local elections. unChain tries to redress this power imbalance. We are residents who want to act together to support good Independent candidates for our Council.

Our candidates have a range of experiences and skills. Click on the Candidates page to learn more about them.

~ Peter Holland
President, unChain Inc

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