Independence – a lesson from Sydney

unChain can draw inspiration from the success of the Independent candidates in the Sydney Council elections. Clover Moore has recently won a third term as mayor of Sydney. She is Independent and not a member of any political party. Four of her team of Independents won seats on the 10-person Council. Her team can now set the agenda for Sydney for the next term.

The results show that residents and ratepayers supported Clover Moore’s vision of a progressive and stable government. Clover Moore has been focused on a sustainable future for the City of Sydney – environmentally, socially, culturally and economically. This is similar to the position of unChain in Port Phillip.

Like unChain, Clover Moore’s team are often bitterly attacked by the political parties, who believe they are ‘born-to-rule’. They believe that individuals like us should confine ourselves to our school Councils, child-care committees, environmental groups and social service organisations and not have the cheek to run against them in Council elections. How wrong they are!

Political parties often are primarily interested in capturing seats on local Councils to provide a base to fight state and federal elections. In contrast Independents are primarily interested in working for better services for local residents and ratepayers.

unChain has an excellent team of seven candidates for the seven wards in Port Phillip. None of the unChain candidates or office holders are members of a political party. We are genuinely independent. We have well-thought out policies for progressive solutions to our inner city problems. We are all about community.

~ Peter Holland
President, unChain Inc

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