New neighbourhood zones – submission to Council

The state government’s introduction of the biggest changes to planning zones in 30 years should enable Councils to identify the areas that are appropriate for more intensive development and those that are not. The new system has three residential zones: General Residential Zone (GRZ), Neighbourhood Residential Zone (NRZ) and Residential Growth Zone (RGZ). The Port Phillip Council has prepared a draft zoning and is seeking community feedback.

We have significant concerns that the proposed zones are too restrictive. In particular we fear that there will be an adverse impact on housing affordability and housing choice. This is the inevitable outcome of the extensive use of the Neighbourhood Residential Zone. We believe that the proposed zoning is in conflict with the Council’s own housing policy and the state government’s metropolitan planning strategy. We therefore request the Council to ask its officers to prepare an alternative zoning.

Read the joint unChain/CAP submission to Council

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