Candidate Questionnaires – 2016 Council Elections

It is an election time again, but this time unChain has made the decision not to stand candidates. We have, however, surveyed all candidates and invited them to respond to our questionnaire.

Their responses are below. Note that not all candidates submitted responses.

Why have we decided not to stand candidates? This is not because we have any issues with former unChain endorsed councillors. unChain believes there is no place for party politics in local government. We believe the community is best served by good, independent Councillors. A good independent does not have a party line to follow, and will not simply band with another from the same party when making decisions.

We believe that by not endorsing candidates there is no confusion and the Councillors are able to be free of any wrong impression that unChain has held them to a particular view. unChain can also focus resources and energy on making submissions to the Council, free of creating conflict for any standing Councillor.

Our community is wide and our members very diverse we do not have one voice on many issues around the city. We are able and do make submission to council on a wide variety of issues and these are available here.

Candidate Questionnaire Responses

Lake Ward

Canal Ward

Gateway Ward