Macnamara candidates forum

As part of the Federal Elections, a few community groups, at unChain’s initiative, have organised a forum between candidates. We organised one for the 2018 State Elections and it was very successful.

Macnamara is an interesting seat, as all 3 parties have a chance of winning and the current MP is retiring.

We have the 3 key candidates attending:
Kate Ashmor (Liberal Party), Josh Burns (ALP) and Steph Hodgins-May (Greens).

The debate will be based around 3 topics (before going into a more Q & A type of debate) are:

  • Economy introduced by John Daley, CEO of the Grattan Institute
  • Human Rights / Immigration introduced by the Honourable Alastair Nicholson QC, former Chief Justice of the Family Court of Australia and former Justice of the Federal Court of Australia
  • Trust and Respect in Politics introduced by the former Democrat leader and Senator Lyn Allison.