It’s time… again


As part on our involvement in the City of Port Phillip Council elections, we have outlined some of the criteria which will determine our support for candidates.

Its time, again.

In 2006-07 the City of Port Phillip staff and councillors got very much out of touch with community needs and expectations when the St Kilda Triangle development was proposed on the site next to The Palais Theatre.  That’s when unChain was established as an independent community based organisation that mobilised and successfully took on the City Council at the 2008 elections with progressive, community-based policies.

Since then unChain has been involved in the community and been engaged with many Council issues.

From our foundation charter, adopted in 2007

  • unChain Community believes in good governance within the local municipality, and that community issues shouldn’t be fought on party political lines.
  • We think the best councillors come from hard-working and involved members of the local community, rather than political party careerists.

Our Statement of Purpose:

  • To develop and support measures that will make Port Phillip an even better place for living, working and recreation
  • To support the election of Councillors to the City of Port Phillip Council who are committed to the local community and are independent of, and not aligned with, political parties
  • To engage with the local community on issues that affect their amenity, particularly issues relating to the environment, planning and local community inclusion.
  • To support and ensure Councillors and other elected representatives stay connected with, and act on, local community concerns.
  • To represent local community concerns to local, state and national politicians, governments and agencies.
    • To assist in creating community by engaging and empowering people to comment on and take up local issues with appropriate authorities.

unChain Community will identify and support candidates who

  • have a track record of supporting and engaging with people and local community organisations and who support local services for the community,
  • have forward thinking relevant policies that put the needs of the community first
  • have wide public sector, services, community and business experience,
  • listen to and represent the interests of people through change and the support of Council’s actions in improving sustainable, responsive services and the infrastructure amenity of The City of Port Phillip.
  • support and listen to community groups, youth, older persons, artists, animal owners, sports groups etc and those who need services or support with their business.
  • support mitigation and adaption strategies related to the changing climate in Port Phillip
  • acknowledge the Yalukit Willam clan of the Boon Wurrung and their connection to country
  • will implement and comply with the new Local Government Act, 2020 to refresh and re imagine Council’s culture, decision making and service delivery
  • have networks in Government that can be used to gain financial, creative and innovative operational support for Council infrastructure and services whilst not duplicating the role of State or Federal Governments.
  • advocate on behalf of residents and the Council.
  • will support a transparent external review of the capability, the role, structure, efficiency and effectiveness of CoPP services, its staff, systems, processes and resources
  • have policies that are consistent with the vision and purpose of the Unchain Community

unChain Community will identify and not support candidates standing as Councillors who  

  • are a current member of a central Political Party, hence subject to the Party policies and aspirations
  • have stood for preselection or as a candidate standing for State or Federal Elections, in particular whilst they were a serving Council Councillor in the last 9 years
  • prior to standing as a candidate for Council, in their term as Councillor will commit to refuse candidature for office in State or Australian Government elections.
  • do not live in the ward that they are contesting
  • have little or no ward community engagement

Election details

  • Details of the forthcoming election are at
  • Nominations open: 17 September
  • Nominations close: 22 September noon
  • Ballot packs mail-out to registered voters:  6-8 October
  • Voting closes 6pm Friday 23 October