Macnamara Candidates Forum – Thurs 5th May

Missed the forum? Watch it online before you vote….


unChain is pleased to host the Macnamara Forum that will take place on Thursday 5th May 2022 at Memo Hall, Acland Street St Kilda at 7pm.

This is a free event. This forum will be live-streamed vis the TWISK facebook page.

All three federal election candidates have confirmed their presence and we thank them: 

  • Josh Burns (incumbent MP, ALP)
  • Colleen Harkin (Liberal), and
  • Steph Hodgins-May (The Greens)

John Daley, former CEO of the Grattan Institute will be our moderator. 

There will be 4 topics apart from the introduction:

  • The economy after the pandemic, cost of living, jobs, manufacturing etc
  • The place of Australia in the world, security, globalisation or localisation
  • Integrity in politics, culture and ethics of politicians and political parties, organisation (4 years fixed term, review of roles and funding go the Federal, State and Local Governments…
  • Local issues / commitments from the 3 candidates.

We have given “carte blanche” to all candidates to pick up any topic they wish and talk about it for 2 minutes.

We have decided not to specifically talk about the environment, as this topic was addressed at the PECAN Forum on 26th April at the St Kilda Town Hall.

Our candidates will speak to each topic and answer your questions.

Do you have a question? Please email us

Authorised by Serge Thomann 14 St Leonards Ave St Kilda