State election: Albert Park Candidates Forum

unChain is once again organising a forum for the state elections. The Albert Park Candidates Forum will be held at Memo Hall St Kilda, from 7 – 9pm, on Thursday 10 November 2022.

The Forum will be moderated by Prof John Daley, who was the founding CEO of Grattan Institute for its first 11 years, and is now a Professorial Fellow at the University of Melbourne. John has moderated two of our precedent forums to great acclaim.

The Forum will focus on the four lead candidates who have expressed interest in participating from the Liberal, Labor and Greens parties, and Independent Georgina Dragwidge.

Each of the lead candidates to make an opening statement and will then be invited to talk about the 4 chosen topics. 

  • Access to health services
  • Climate / Public transport
  • Victoria’s post-COVID direction (potentially including social, cultural, economic and budgetary issues)
  • Integrity in government.

In responding to these topics, candidates are encouraged to discuss both overall State government policy, and the particular priorities for the Albert Park electorate.

Each candidate will then be given carte blanche to pick any topic they like.

For the remaining period, there will be Q&A session. This will begin with audience members who have provided questions in advance, before opening to the floor.  Please email your questions to

The candidates will then make a concluding statement.

Attendees can register via Eventbrite: (free event)

Register for free via EventBrite