2014 State Elections

The Municipality of Port Phillip covers parts of four state electorates: Albert Park, Brighton, Prahran and Caulfield. unChain participated in the state elections in November by surveying the candidates in these four seats. We posted their responses on our website. Candidates are always deluged by surveys from various groups in elections so to give our interests more ‘bite’, we also printed a brochure and letter-boxed it.  Read more

Candidate Questionnaires

What we asked the candidates
This is what we asked the candidates in the seats of Albert Park, Brighton, Prahran and Caulfield (parts of these state electorates all lie within the City of Port Phillip).

What the candidates said

Albert Park




Legislative Council

Other responses will be posted as we receive them.

What we hoped the candidates would say
This is how we hope the candidates will respond.